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28 Saturday
members & guests
July All Ages

Heroes From Heaven

Free Concert for Members, tickets available for collection from Member Services.

11 Saturday
members & guests
August All Ages

Bella Paige

Bella Paige, the adored team member of Kelly Rowland, is clearly one of the finest young female vocalists to come out of Australia in years. At only 16, Bella has had an amazing journey so far having already represented Australia at Junior Eurovision and coming Runner Up on The VoiceKids (2015) and The Voice Australia (2018). Her finest performance moments have been featured on the Voice Australia Grand Final this year where Bella has won thousands of fans and achieved notoriety for her vocal prowess. Bella is now working with her team and Kelly Rowland with the aim to launch her career in the United States. Her debut “Changing” is out now and Bella will be performing her live show across Australia throughout 2018.

25 Saturday
members & guests
August All Ages

Family Legends Show

Free Concert for Members, tickets available for collection at Member Services from 1 August.

7 Friday
members & guests
September 18+

Elvis, An American Trilogy

8 Saturday
members & guests
September 18+

Drags to Bitches

11 Tuesday
members & guests
September 18+

Kevin Bloody Wilson - Almost Awesome Tour

Both Barrels Music and Westside Talent present Kevin Bloody Wilson In ‘The Almost Awesome Tour’

The Kevin Bloody Wilson Show is not just a concert performance, for most, it’s a full on event and an opportunity to tick from your bucket-list a chance to see Australia’s most unique International comedy legend. Kevin has become a national institution – a must see for any person wanting to see absolute original Australian comedy.

If we were asked to nominate one individual to best define Australian humour, for most of us, the name Kevin Bloody Wilson immediately springs to mind. His recently released biography ‘DILLIGAF, The Life And Rhymes Of Kevin Bloody Wilson’ is a raucous, earthy, in depth look at perhaps one of the only Australian comedians who has not bowed to the pressures of political correctness.

Kevin Bloody Wilson’s story is remarkable.  He has become a part of Australian Culture, a part of who we are and how we define ourselves. His DILLIGAF attitude is a quality to be envied.

He’s been listed in Who’s Who, his entire body of work has been preserved for future generations with the National Film and Sound Archive in Canberra and his fan base stretches from Broken Hill to Buckingham Palace.

It’s also a known fact that nobody tells Australian stories better than Kevin Bloody Wilson. His peers agree;

“The world’s funniest Australian” Billy Connolly

“I love Kev.  My favourite is Livin’ Next Door To Alan.” Paul Hogan

“Hello John, is the funniest song I’ve ever heard in my entire radio career.” John Laws

Kevin Bloody Wilson is also the only international artist who can shift seamlessly between an outback pub to the hallowed halls of the London Palladium.

His record sales are now nudging the four million mark. Without traditional media support, all of Kevin Bloody Wilson’s albums and DVDs have achieved Gold Sales status globally, with many reaching Platinum, and one, ‘Kev’s Back’, awarded an amazing quadruple Platinum. Kev’s recordings can be found in such diverse locations as Outback Australia to Antarctica. From Big-Rig road trains to the console of Prince Charles’ Aston Martin.

It seems ironic that twenty-five years ago, Kevin Bloody Wilson was being arrested for performing his songs in public, yet on Australia Day in January 2010, he was officially nominated for Australian Of The Year for doing exactly the same thing.

Now, Kev tours often in Australia and internationally, always to large audiences of adoring fans. He maintains his stringent tour schedule because of his love of live shows, and the incredibly interaction he has with the multitude of fanatical Kev fans worldwide.

Well done Kev, you’ve done us proud. Don’t miss the legend in a venue near you!

15 Monday
members & guests
October All Ages

Play School Live in Concert

Watch classic nursery rhyme characters magically come to life as the pages of the storybook are turned in this exciting new production, Once Upon A Time’. Join Jemima, Big Ted, Little Ted and Humpty as they travel through an enchanting adventure filled with stories, favourite songs such as, ‘Humpty Dumpty’, ‘Heads and shoulders’, ‘Twinkle twinkle’, ‘Everybody clap’ and many more.

20 Saturday
$49.00 members
$49.00 guests
October 18+

The Professors Mad Monday

The Professors Mad Monday is all the stuff the boys weren’t allowed to show on Air. Its an over 18s show so people with a weak constitution or fans of Wayne Bennett may be offended. Don’t miss the Professor Live!

James Rochford is a fake Professor who makes his living poking fun at men who are much more talented, athletic and larger than he is. No one would be surprised if one day a footballer put one on his chin. 

Nathan Hindmarsh is a Parramatta legend who has had his legacy as a footballer ruined by working with The Professor. He has many stories as he played first grade games of Rugby League (330).

When Bryan Fletcher left the NRL Premiers, The Roosters for arch rivals The Rabbitohs, he was chasing cash, which is exactly why he agreed to be a part of this tour.

Brett Finch is a veteran of five different clubs. He also played Rugby League for a bunch of different teams. He has a story and every club he ever drank at and every team he ever played for.

Don’t miss The Professor Live! Legends, Laughs and Larrikins all on stage in one huge night of hilarity!

2 Friday
members & guests
November 15+

Best of the Bee Gees

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