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15 Monday
members & guests
October All Ages

Play School Live in Concert

Watch classic nursery rhyme characters magically come to life as the pages of the storybook are turned in this exciting new production, Once Upon A Time’. Join Jemima, Big Ted, Little Ted and Humpty as they travel through an enchanting adventure filled with stories, favourite songs such as, ‘Humpty Dumpty’, ‘Heads and shoulders’, ‘Twinkle twinkle’, ‘Everybody clap’ and many more.

Presenters for the Mounties show will be Teo and Abi.

20 Saturday
$49.00 members
$49.00 guests
October 18+

The Professors Mad Monday

The Professors Mad Monday is all the stuff the boys weren’t allowed to show on Air. Its an over 18s show so people with a weak constitution or fans of Wayne Bennett may be offended. Don’t miss the Professor Live!

James Rochford is a fake Professor who makes his living poking fun at men who are much more talented, athletic and larger than he is. No one would be surprised if one day a footballer put one on his chin. 

Nathan Hindmarsh is a Parramatta legend who has had his legacy as a footballer ruined by working with The Professor. He has many stories as he played first grade games of Rugby League (330).

When Bryan Fletcher left the NRL Premiers, The Roosters for arch rivals The Rabbitohs, he was chasing cash, which is exactly why he agreed to be a part of this tour.

Brett Finch is a veteran of five different clubs. He also played Rugby League for a bunch of different teams. He has a story and every club he ever drank at and every team he ever played for.

Don’t miss The Professor Live! Legends, Laughs and Larrikins all on stage in one huge night of hilarity!

2 Friday
members & guests
November 15+

Best of the Bee Gees

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