Transport your tastebuds to Guangdong

AK's Taste of Asia is the newest restaurant to join the Mounties family. 

As the Chinese say, when a dish looks good, smells good, and tastes good, then it is good. The team at AK’s Taste of Asia have kept this in mind, creating a fantastic array of traditional Chinese dishes and classic favourites for everybody to enjoy.

AK’s Taste of Asia pride themselves on using the freshest ingredients available. Their menu selection features dishes such as Peking Duck, Har Gow (steamed prawn dumplings) and a variety of Hot Pot; a wide choice of classics including Honey Chicken, Sizzling Mongolian Lamb and Special Fried Rice, as well as soups, stir-fries and vegetarian options for those that are health conscience. 

Located on the Ground Floor.




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