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Courtesy Buses will not be running during our reopening


Mounties currently operates six vehicles in its Courtesy bus fleet and offers a number of route options for our members and guests

Our free Courtesy bus service running from Mounties has a daily door to door service, Mekong/Club Italia a Triglav/Bowling club service and We have just added a wheelchair friendly service to our fleet. Please contact 1300 660 255

  • Press 1 for Mounties
  • Press 2 for Mekong/Club Italia
  • Press 3 for Triglav/ Bowling club.

All services are available to our members and their guests only. There are no limits to the number of guests the member wishes to bring provided they are all signed in by that member upon entry of the club.

Please see below the courtesy bus timetable and contact details.

To find out more about your club's courtesy bus radius click the links below.

Conditions Apply.

Please note: All children who are required to sit in a baby capsule/ child restraint are not permitted on the bus under any circumstances. The buses are not fitted with the necessary restraints to cater for their needs.

The finishing times provided are the time the service has ceased trade for the evening. The last call announcement will vary and is based on passengers numbers.

Mounties Bus

Mounties Door to Door Service 

Sunday to Wednesday
9.00am – 12.00am

9.00am – 1.00am

Friday & Saturday
9.00am – 2.00am

Mounties Bowling Club 

Tuesday to Thursday
12.00pm | 4.00pm | 6.00pm

2.00pm | 4.00pm | 6.00pm | 8.00pm   10.00pm

Saturday & Sunday
12.00pm | 2.00pm | 4.00pm | 6.00pm  

             Please note – our courtesy bus will only service this site if required during theses times

Mekong Door to Door Service

Sunday to Thursday
12.30pm | 2.30pm | 3.30pm l 4.30pm l 6.30pm
7.30pm l 8.30pm l 9.30pm

Friday & Saturday
12.30pm | 2.30pm | 3.30pm l 5.00pm l 6.30pm
7.30pm l 8.30pm l 9.30pm l 10.30pm

Triglav Door to Door Service 

Monday to Thursday
9.30am | 1.30pm | 3.00pm l 6.00pm l 9.00pm

Friday & Saturday
9.30am | 1.00pm | 3.00pm l 7.00pm l 9.00pm

Please note – our courtesy bus will only service this site if required during these times

The door to door service is available for members (and their guests if travelling with a member) that live within a 6km radius from Mounties and 5km from Triglav/Mekong/Bowling club/Club Italia. 


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