Mounties has come a long way

A couple of blokes enjoying a beer in a hotel in Cabramatta had the idea to build a workers-style club that supported the social and sporting needs of the community. 

As the population of Mt Pritchard swelled so too did the demand for more leisure and sporting activities and the need for more venues and meeting places. The first sporting clubs of the area were rugby league and cricket, both formed in 1927.

For the fellas who liked a drink after work, the nearest hotel was at Cabramatta. The problem was that most women preferred not to go there and there was nothing to keep kids entertained. 

Newcomers to the areas together with the long-standing residents of Mt Pritchard, decided to do something about it. 

The concept of Mt Pritchard & District Community Club was born during a series of meetings conducted in the homes of interested families. Once the idea took hold, interest soon increased. Debentures were struck and £300 (around $600) was raised toward the establishment of the Club. 

The dream became a reality when local resident, the late Tom McAuliffe, offered a block of land in Meadows Road in exchange for debentures in the club. The funds raised by the debentures paid for the two ex-government huts that became the original club house. 
Despite the obvious need for a district community club felt by most residents, there was a strong opposition from local hotels, sporting clubs and the authorities. An application for a club named ‘Mt Pritchard Workers Club Limited’ was rejected.

Finally, in May 1964, the Mt Pritchard & District Community Club was incorporated. It took a further four years for the courts to grant the Club a liquor license. 

The White brothers, who were part of the original cricket team – Mortimer (Mitta) and Joe, brothers of Terry and Cecil became Mt Pritchard & District Community Club’s first president and inaugural committee member, respectively. 

Looking at the Club today, the area that it commands and the millions of dollars of support it provides to the community and Sub Clubs, it is difficult to imagine its humble beginnings in the early ‘60's. 

The vision that was turned into a reality that every original member of Mt Pritchard & District Community Club can be immensely proud of.

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