Meat raffle every Sunday


It's a meat eater's favourite day of the week!  Join us for your chance to win a selection of fresh meat with our Mounties meat raffle.

When: Every Sunday
Time: Ticket sales from 2.00pm, 3.30pm start 
Cost: Spend $10 get 10 tickets

APL Poker


We had to fold during COVID, but poker is back at Mounties. There's a huge $2,000 prizepool up for grabs - new and seasoned players are welcome.

Day: Thursdays
Time: Rego 6.30pm
Cost: $15 Mounties Members, $25 for Guests

Day: Saturdays 
Time: Rego 2.00pm
Cost: $15 Mounties Members, $25 for Guests

Get ready for Bingo!


Missed bingo and are ready to play? Games are held on Wednesday & Thursday mornings at Mounties.

Day: Wednesday
Time: 10.00am
Cost: $5 Mounties Members, $6 for Guests

Day: Thursday
Time: 10.00am
Cost: $5 Mounties Members, $6 for Guests

Join us for Mahjong on Mondays


It's time for Chow and Pong - all fast-paced action of Mahjong return to Mounties, with a $500 prize pool.

Date: Mondays
Rego: 9.00am in Starz
Time: 10.00am
Cost: Free for Mounties Members

Drag Bingo is back in 2021!


Drag Bingo returns to Mounties with a $250 prize pool each night.

Date: Wednesdays
Rego: 7.00pm in Top Lounge
Time: 7.30pm
Cost: Free for Mounties Members,  $10 for Guests

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